I was thrilled to try L’Oreal Magic Retouch to cover my grey roots. I had seen the product advertised in pre-roll ads on YouTube and made it my mission to seek out Light Brown. The little aqua coloured can of magic is sold at Priceline stores in Australia, and had featured in their catalogue the same week the ads hit YouTube. When I arrived at the Eastland store, the display stand looked like a stampede of grey-rooted ladies had just been through, with one can of Blonde left, still spinning slowly on its side.

I had to send my Mum on a mission to find Light Brown, or Dark Brown, I didn’t mind. Being a determined little pocket rocket, Mum visited store after store until she found one in Forest Hill Chase. It is worth mentioning that Mum was waiting for major surgery at the time, yet she traipsed all over the eastern suburbs in the name of beauty. Love that lady. The price was less than $10 when on special, and is expected to last for 30 applications.

Image : L'Oreal Paris

Image : L’Oreal Paris

Application is super easy. Shake well, then point the nozzle towards your roots and spray, avoiding your skin. This was easily achieved, and I used my hand to protect my forehead when aiming at the brightest and whitest section of my grey hair.

The product smells similar to hairspray, and lasts several days needing only a slight touch up each morning. L’Oreal suggests that the product lasts until it is washed out and won’t transfer. I would caution you from using this product wearing a white shirt though, just in case you find yourself in a spray frenzy!

I’m really happy with L’Oreal Magic Retouch and will definitely repurchase in the future. I might choose the darker brown shade though, for an even better match for my roots.

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